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Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Lacking confidence in the gym is a very common barrier to achieving your goals.

Mainly due to factors such as not knowing what to do or how to do exercises correctly without feeling silly because might do things wrong.

The way to increase your confidence with this, is to increase your knowledge by learning from someone on what you should be doing and how, and then doing it frequently to build up your ability.

The more you do something - and properly - with having guidance, the more you'll learn and the quicker progress you'll make. In turn, you'll become more confident, and more motivated as you see better results.

The majority of my clients, past and present, were inexperienced with lifting weights, or even using a gym, and started in a place of low confidence and no knowledge on what to do...

But all of them now have gained a great deal of knowledge from training with me, and developed the confidence to use the gym by themselves, to overcome fears, to lift weights, to push themselves, to feel like they know what they're doing and being more body confident!

I explain every exercise carefully and am very thorough with it, I don't just stand there and count the reps, I coach you through the exercise to make sure your doing it correctly, and the correct target muscles are being worked. Your technique will be completely developed to help you progress and after the initial learning phase, will start to push even more out of your comfort zone and discover what your body is really capable of.

Trying to do it all by yourself is hard, and with so much misleading information out there, it can take a long time to learn what's right and what you need to know and if your doing things right.

I can guarantee you, you'll learn a lot more with me in just a few sessions than you ever would by yourself.

So. What are you waiting for?

If you can relate and this sounds like something you need, let me help you become more confident, teach and guide you through everything and get quicker better results so you can feel better and look great too!

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