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We all deal with stress, and a certain amount is normal. But I bet right now your stress levels are pretty damn high and have been for a prolonged time.

Stressors could be from work, meeting deadlines, finances, being in lockdown, home schooling the kids, job security, family, poor diet, lack of sleep or negative self image amongst other things.

There's only so much stress you can handle until it becomes unhealthy chronic stress and causes problems on your health, mental wellbeing and lifestyle.

Imagine a 'water bucket' in your mind right now - we'll call this you 'stress bucket'.

The size of this bucket represents how vulnerable you are to these stressors - so a small bucket would be if you don't handle much very well and a larger bucket if you are able to still manage well with a larger amount of stresses.

This bucket will fill up as higher amounts of stress and number of stressors are 'poured in'.

And if this 'overflows' from having too much stress that you can manage well with everything else in your lifestyle, it can lead to 'snapping'.

Issues then occur such as mental break down, depression, anxiety, anger, getting sick, not sleeping, losing weight unhealthily from not eating, drinking more alcohol, putting on weight from binge eating or snacking more, your physical and mental health suffering.

This is where having coping tools to manage the stress is important. Now imagine there's a 'tap' on your 'stress bucket'.

The more coping tools you utilise frequently - 'turning on the tap', then more stress will flow out of the bucket and avoid overflowing.

Coping tools could be in the form of a training session, going for a walk or a run, having sex, doing yoga, reading a book, rest and relaxation, meditation, laughing, getting a good nights sleep, healthy eating, doing fun activities, breathing exercises or whatever else you enjoy, makes you feel good and helps to de-stress.

So make sure you're making time for yourself, incorporating enough of these coping tools to manage your stress levels to look after your physical health and mental wellbeing and avoid 'overflowing'.

If you're in need of help and support with training at home and eating well so that you can develop a fantastic body shape your incredibly happy and confident in, and become more stress free by developing a bullet proof mindset...

Then enquire about working with me 1-2-1 Online or in person training and how it works...

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