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If you would like to work towards your goals with a friend or your partner, you can join together for your training, supporting each other and having fun whilst working hard together to get into shape and get stronger. 


In the professional coaching sessions, you'll each be guided through structured workouts from the training programme that is designed for your sessions, based on the abilities and goals of each person.  This programme is delivered on app that you'll both have access to the workouts to log your progress with.

You'll be coached through the exercises to make sure each person is doing them correctly, and the right muscles are working. As-well as supporting you every step of the way, helping you to become more confident in the gym, knowing how to train, as-well as what to eat and how much.


You can check out my packages, what's included and cost here. 

To read about my current and past client's training experience with me, go here


To begin your fitness journey with semi-private training, simply contact me on the form below.

You'll each be required to fill out an online questionnaire that I will send, before meeting for an in person consultation, where we will discuss more in depth about the information provided.  We'll then make a plan of action based on each of your goals, outline the coaching journey that will help to achieve them and go over the most suitable package to get the best results.

Thanks! Message sent.

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