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Being mid 30’s, with 2 young children and a busy lifestyle, I had not prioritised my health and fitness for a number of years. When I had attempted to focus on it, result were minimal and progress was slow. I was ready to give up, give in and just buy bigger clothes. 

  Straight away Sean put me at ease in the gym and developed several full body work outs for me. He is very knowledgeable and highly focused on technique, which gets the results. I’m confident in the weights area, where I never ventured before and always look forward to our session. Outside of the gym, Sean checks in to see how I’m getting on with work outs and nutrition and always happy to help and support where he can. Plus, the recipe books are fab!

 Within 3 months I’ve achieved my initial weight lose target and really starting to see definition around my arms, abs and back. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in for a decade and it’s down to working with Sean. I could not recommend him enough!



Despite being initially apprehensive at starting a training programme, due to many years of inactivity, a busy work schedule and having never really found enjoyment from going to the gym, Sean quickly put me at ease by taking the time to get to know me and by explaining what the journey would look like. From relatively low starting points in terms of overall fitness, strength and perceptions of my own body image, I have made vast and sustained improvements thanks to the sessions Sean has carefully tailored to suit my developing ability and goals, his expert knowledge, which he continuously strives to enhance, and his ongoing support in areas such as nutrition. 



Can honestly say I have achieved results I never have before.  My overall muscle mass has increased and I am well on my way to where I want to be.  Sean is an excellent trainer, extremely professional and most of all knowledgeable and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.



Training with Sean in semi - pt has been extremely beneficial for myself it has allowed me to see different ways of training to ensure I get the results I want from the gym. It has given me a lot more confidence in the gym and I’m no longer afraid of the weights section! Sean really helps you to master the technique of every exercise to ensure that you get the best results. I would highly recommend Sean to anyone who’s struggling to achieve their personal goal. You get regular check ins to ensure that you are staying on track and a great recipe book to prove healthy food isn’t always boring.




Sean is an excellent PT with a wealth of knowledge and a genuine interest in his clients health. I’ve been into fitness and weight lifting for quite some time but Sean was able to get me out of a rut and show me how to get better results with specific program planning and putting more emphasis on technique.
I lost a lot of weight and muscle during and after pregnancy and Sean helped me build back a stronger and better physique. He kept me motivated and helped me get back into training and really loving the process.
Sean is really professional and gives you his undivided attention during sessions and really focuses on your lifestyle and what areas to improve and how to build training around that.
What I also appreciate is that Sean doesn’t just give you a cookie cutter program, he tailors everything to you whether it be training sessions, check ins/accountability or tweaks to your diet.
I can’t praise him enough.





I have lost weight, I feel 100% fitter and I am always energised.  When I first started training with sean I was out of shape and feeling tired all the time. 
I knew it was time I made some changes and needed an experienced, knowledgeable person to help me out.  

2 Months down the line I have lost nearly 2 stone, lost body fat all over and have began to tone up nicely.  




Sean's training exercises are very well structured with weight lifting and conditioning workouts.  I feel the training has helped me a lot with losing weight and gaining more muscle.  I feel more confident when going to the gym on my own and I know how to carry out the workouts more efficiently.  Even though the workouts are very hard work, they are also very rewarding as I have lost weight since I started and it has helped me have the confidence to carry on and get better results.  Sean has been an excellent trainer and has pushed me to my limits and encouraged me to do the workouts to the best of my ability.  

Sean has also taught me how to use weights and do exercises properly which has helped when going to the gym on my won.  I feel so much confidence with myself since starting and am determined to push on and get the best results possible.  The support I have been given over workouts and diet has been excellent as well.  



Before training with Sean I was completely clueless about how to workout effectively.  Now I have confidence to use the gym and weight lift.  I am much stronger,my body shape is changing, and I am moving towards my weight loss goals!



Training with Sean has really helped me to push the limits in the gym while maintaining the correct form. Sean is patient and thorough, he helped to correct some of the bad habits I had developed.  After following the routine Sean set for me for the last 5 months, I have seen gains in strength that I didn’t think were possible, on average I am lifting 80% more than when I started! Sean is also great at keeping in touch, and providing extra guidance and info via email/WhatsApp, which is always appreciated.  The main thing that has stuck with me while training with Sean, is that if your not moving forward, your moving backwards, so I always try to improve, even if it’s just by 1%! At 33 I am currently in the best shape I have ever been in, and I am excited to see what i can achieve by the end of the year with Sean guiding me



I used every excuse in the past to justify my lifestyle. Not enough time to exercise, convenient fast food when travelling with work and generally overindulging. I started to feel unhealthy, clothes were getting tighter and tighter and I knew I had to do something about it...I needed, a sustainable lifestyle change...I work away a fair bit and I have a young family which that my time is limited and valuable. 
In my first 2 months of working with Sean I was seeing some fantastic results. I lost 2 stones and started to feel much better about my health, and I had reached my initial goal. In the subsequent 4 months I have lost a further 1 Stone 8lbs, in total over 3 and half stone and looking and feeling amazing. I have also had some further health/well-being benefits, my shoulder and knee aliments have improved and one of the biggest improvements with my healthier lifestyle is that I am not needing to take my inhaler even when exercising or doing sport. 

I cannot recommend Sean highly enough, he is professional, knowledgeable, tailors to the individual and looks at all aspect of your health. I feel that Sean has been an integral part of me adopting a sustainable, healthier lifestyle. One I hope I can enjoy with my family for many years to come.



I have trained with Sean for over a year now and have gone from strength to strength thanks to his training plans, nutritional advice, support and encouragement. I use to hate the idea of going to the gym but i now look forward to attending two to three sessions a week. I have regular 1-2-1s which Sean tailors to my Aerial Fitness goals. I'm currently doing semi private classes twice a week with a friend who i met through Strength Camp which Sean also teaches at various times throughout the year. Training with Sean has helped both my mental and physical health. His expertise are evident through his training techniques. If you want to achieve your fitness goals but don't know where to start, look no further. Sean will push you outside your comfort zone but he will be there to support you every step of the way.



Sean helped me incorporate fitness into my lifestyle, making sustainable changes, and helping me make healthy choices.  I have achieved more in 6 weeks of PT with Sean than I have managed alone ever.  I lost weight and inches, but I gained confidence, knowledge and motivation! The best thing was having someone keep me accountable both in the gym and with nutrition. 

And being a friendly, approachable person to give me direction!



Sean's knowledge is like no other & this shows in his work whilst training.  He's not the sort of PT that will just stand there & tell you what to do, he ensures the correct muscles are being used & that the correct form is used! 
Sean is also very helpful outside the gym with advice & support on nutrition & nothing is too much for him, he is always there to answer any questions. 
Training with Sean has gave me the confidence to train by myself in the gym without feeling embarrassed & I feel like I know what I'm actually doing which has resulted in me feeling a lot more body confident! 
I would recommend Sean to anyone & can assure people would not regret starting their fitness journey with him.




Training with Sean has given me confidence in the gym. He has put me at ease with what I would use to call the “man” part of the gym (free weights). I don’t feel intimidated at all as he goes through how to set up the equipment for yourself. He also offers great advice for alternative exercises. Sean is unlike any PT I have had before he talks you through how an exercise should feel in terms that people can relate to. He also has the patience of a saint...but trains you to the best that you can be. He is very encouraging and supportive when things aren’t going well as you want and when they are. Thanks for everything.



I used to attend classes at the gym but was restricted to the type of classes I could do as a result of a knee injury.  
Since I started training with Sean my fitness has improved dramatically and the knee pain has gone.  
Sean is an excellent trainer and is very passionate in his role supporting clients with their training and nutrition.



Sean makes a real difference.  I look forward to every session... His desire to really help you get to where you want to be is extremely apparent.  
He has also helped me on a path to better nutrition.  He is a very likeable and personable guy very willing to advise outside of sessions.  He pushes you in the right way without barking at you.  I would recommend Sean as a fantastic PT.



Sean has helped me to loose my unwanted weight and build up my muscle.  Focusing on all over body workouts, my body shape has changed dramatically which has given me more confidence during my own workouts to push myself more and not worry about what others think. 
Working with Sean has not only changed my physique, it has also improved my mental well-being, I now have more energy, focus and determination on a daily basis, as is a great way to release the stress of daily challenges.


I've been keeping reasonably fit in recent years by mainly cycling a few times a week, but noticed I had next to no (and was losing) muscle mass in my upper body, honestly had no idea on technique or a plan. 
I turned to Sean, I explained and was honest about my targets - build muscle, particularly upper body, core work and legs. 
Following some initial discussions, Sean created and evolved 3 workouts over a few months specifically for myself.  I've found Sean very knowledgeable, very much into the detail and an excellent PT - he's dedicated to you and your goals 100%, sounds a cliche but he's pro. 
As a cynical man in his early 50's, I felt I really benefited from the sessions, seeing physical changes quickly - and enjoying it, if you don't want faff and messing about, try Sean.  



Sean is friendly, approachable, professional, motivational, dedicated to his profession.  Sean will always help and advise you outside of personal training sessions within the gym or by email or text.  You won't be disappointed and will really enjoy training with Sean.



I've found the entire experience of having a good personal trainer really motivating.  Sean has helped me with achieving milestones in my fitness and my health goals.
He is very knowledgeable and thorough when training, ensuring I benefit the most from each exercise. 

His knowledge has helped me perform exercises to a much better ability myself, especially with correct form.  

Sean has also helped me benefit furthering my knowledge about food and also with my diet in general.  Definitely a good investment.  

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Sean has given me the knowledge and confidence to push myself at the gym.  If I had not had PT sessions, I would've stayed in my comfort zone and never really pushed forward.  I feel stronger after every session!



After training on my own for several years I wanted to discover what my body was truly capable of once invested in a proper training plan with a professional.
Within a few months we have completely developed my form and technique, enabling me to go from strength to strength achieving several PB's and subsequently building a more rounded physique.

To Sean this is clearly more than a job, it's a talent and a passion.



When I first started with Sean I was at 3 slipped discs in my spine and heavy on-set arthritis in shoulders, hips, ankles, hands and spine.  For someone with the special needs I have, a trainer needs to have overall awareness of the condition, techniques to awaken and combat the areas that aren't working, good knowledge of when to push me further and when to not aggravate things, confidence in helping me excel in exercises which will help build my confidence too and finally the skills required to help me achieves results.  I can say in good faith and from experience that Sean possesses all of these qualities and more.  It was a slow process but more progress was made in those sessions than in my whole adult life.

My recommendation for anyone with any type of injury or health need would be to see Sean immediately and to keep the sessions consistent where possible.  The results will speak for themselves. 

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