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Do you feel like you're struggling to feel motivated to do workouts at home?

It's a common obstacle when it comes to training at home with the gym's being shut...

Not motivated to train in the same room you work from...

Not motivated to get up off the couch and do a workout in your living room, or to go outside because it's too cold.

And I 100% get it. I feel the same at times.

It just doesn't feel the same right...

But are you going to let that stop you???

It all comes down to your mindset you see...

If you can shift your mentality of how you think about home workouts... To gain focus, create structure and get into a routine with them, then your chances of succeeding and making the progress you want will increase massively!

Don't focus on comparing your home workouts to gym workouts. Just focus on what you can do, making it as effective as possible and just getting it done!

Keep in your mind WHY you want to achieve your goal to drive you to keep taking action.

Remind yourself of how great you feel afterwards for doing the workout, compared to doing nothing and feeling shit.

Do exercises that challenge you but you also enjoy. Make exercise at home fun. Remember, any workout is better than no workout!

If you need to get yourself into the routine or have structure, then create yourself a training plan (or get one from a coach) to follow. Schedule set days and the same times for your workouts so it sticks as part of your weekly routine.

And if you find it hard to get into starting the workout. Focus on accomplishing smaller steps first that get's your mind into it. Such as filling up your water bottle, putting your workout clothes on instead of your pj's, putting your gym trainers on and putting your favourite workout tunes on.

If you feel you could do with further help, support and accountability to make a start, or get back on track, to lose some bodyfat and tone up your body so you look amazing and feel fantastic, why not work with me through online coaching

Head to my Online Coaching page to find out more and submit and enquiry

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