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One of the biggest drivers for your eating behaviour is your environment. The decisions you make for what you consume on can be influenced based on where you are - at home, at work, a cafeteria etc.

What you eat in these particular places on a daily basis are a result of what you are presented with, these environmental defaults are known as 'choice architecture'.

For example, at home, when you get in from work, tired and stressed, your likely to eat whatever is easiest, opening the cupboards or fridge and eating whatever is readily available to pick at there and then or quick to do. Or even on a normal day, if you have biscuits/crisps sitting on the counter in sight, you may just pick them up and start eating without thinking about eating them beforehand, or even being particularly hungry.

Same at work especially, if there are cakes and chocolates going around the office or put out on a desk within your sight or reach, it's going to be hard to not grab one.

Your eating habits can change depending on the room you are in. However, you haven't got to let environment dictate them and accept what is handed to you. You can be the architect of your own choices, design your own life defaults. Make changes in your environments to make better choices and make them easier.

For example, if you need to drink more water throughout the day, if you keep a bottle of water with you, on your desk in front of you, or even have a few filled bottles placed around locations in your house/office, drinking that water will become a default as it's easier for you to do.

Going back again to what is first in sight on your kitchen sides, or when you open your cupboards and fridge. If you remove healthy foods and replace them with healthier foods, or even put the unhealthier foods at the back of the cupboards, or on the higher to reach shelves, or cover them up, and put the healthier foods in front, at eye level first to see and easy to reach, your more likely to opt for them.

If you put a fruit bowl on your kitchen counter, or a box of protein bars, for examples, you'll more likely grab one of these as a quick snack on the way out or when going to roam the kitchen for a night time snack, compared to say some biscuits or a chocolate bar.

By keeping triggers for healthier eating throughout your environment, you'll make good eating decisions and habits easier to stick to.

Have a go at making some simple adjustments to your work space/office/living room/kitchen etc so that you can make eating healthier easier for yourself.

If your needing some inspiration and ideas for healthy meals, I have a collection of fantastic Recipe Books that you would love.... The Healthy Living Recipe Book contains 30+ recipes for tasty, nutritious meals for breakfasts, sides, dinners and even desserts, and all come with a calorie breakdown and MyFitnessPal barcode.

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