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Updated: Jan 8, 2019

I've dieted myself multiple times, and spent most of this year dieting. I know the challenges and mental struggles it can have. Dieting can be hard, but in itself is a simple process and by implementing certain things, it can be made much easier to stick to and turn it into a lifestyle change. Here are some of my tips...

Don't make dieting boring and tasteless. Make sure you allow for foods you enjoy and look forward to in your plans. Fit it into your weekly calories. Not on top of as an end of week 'reward', dieting shouldn't feel like a punishment during the week. Otherwise you won't stick to it. Moderate the amount and frequency of these foods though.

Protein is vital. You need it to make sure your preserving your lean muscle tissue when losing weight. It also helps to keep you satiated. Look to consume an absolute minimum of 1g per lb of bodyweight.

Plan ahead with your meals for the week. Prepare ahead of time by bulk cooking or just making extra of your dinner so you have another portion for a meal the next day. If you don't get chance to prepare any meals, make sure you've planned where your going to get convenient food from and what when out or at work. Without a plan, you'll be lost in the wind winging each day, and risk being off track with your calorie intake. Numerous times when I was dieting I was out or away in London for example, and had to plan where I was going to get food from and the calories in it, as I couldn't take any prepared food with me.

Vegetables will nourish your body with important micro-nutrients for your health. The fibre will also help to fill you up for longer. So if you struggle with hunger, add more greens and colourful veg to your meals.

Ensure good quality and quantity of sleep. This will help to recover your body and energise you. Rather than feeling lethargic, highly stressed and having low blood sugar levels in the daytime leading to cravings. I don't always get good sleep myself, but some good things that help are unwinding on the evening, going to bed earlier, eating some carbs at night (yes, for real) and taking a Magnesium supplement before bed.

Keep yourself busy throughout the day, so your less likely to snack, compared to if your just sitting down and thinking of food when at home or at work. If you have junk food in sight at home or at the office, remove it so your not tempted by it every day, because trust me, you will give in at some point, willpower always has a breaking point eventually.

Track your food so you can make sure your consuming the right amount of calories and not just guessing or thinking you are. Highly likely you will under estimate and be over consuming. So what you find out when you do track every thing may surprise you. Also, if you know you've got an event on a weekend that is off plan for food, adjust your calories throughout the week to 'save' calories for the off plan days, so your week still balances out. I hope that helps you. Implement these and you will make greater success in gain further results.

If you have any questions, or your struggling, let me know and I can give you some further advice!

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