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Updated: Jan 8, 2019

If you've ever thought that and it's held you back, you're not alone.

It's one of many negative beliefs that can stop you from achieving your goals.

Other ones you may have said to yourself that formed a barrier can include: "I'm not good enough" "I don't have enough time" "I'm not confident enough" "I don't have the motivation to" "It too hard"

These beliefs obstruct you from achieving more, because you doubt yourself. And that's totally normal to have self-doubt, most people, including me, do time to time.

Problem is, the things we tell ourselves become a self fulfilling prophecy. We become to truly believe that we just can't. Become to believe that the barriers we tell ourselves are set in stone

From this, because of these negative self beliefs, we don't take the risk, don't move out of our comfort zone and don't open up ourselves to the chance of failure.

So we don't even try in the first place, never mind learning from it, and then end up not being persistent, procrastinating or just giving up.

And where does that get us?

Nowhere. Other than the exact same place been stuck at for however long.

So, how can you get past this?

Well, unfortunately there is no simple straight forward solution (sorry to disappoint), it's a very complex thing as it all comes down to mindset. Everyone's scenario for the belief will be different and to differing extents, so will require different actions.

However what you can try and do is to challenge your negative self beliefs. When it pops into your head, become consciously aware of it to realise that the emotional part of your brain is saying that, and not the logical part.

Challenge it by arguing against that negative self belief. Push out of the comfort zone and give it a go, make the effort to try and do what you believe you can't, it's the only way you'll know, and the only way you'll be able to make progress if it's holding you back - trust me I know.

You can take further action to succeed by; looking to who you can learn from to help you achieve, how you can get feedback in developing your ability, and looking to where, when or how you can challenge yourself to learn what you need to and become more skilled in order to progress.

I hope that's helped you, inspired you and gave you a lot to think about to action and make just one change with this week in taking a step forward.

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