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Strength Camp is a small group training & results proven programme for 4-6 people, lasting for 12 weeks.

It consists of 2 training sessions per week, with a training programme built around helping each participant to get stronger over the course of the programme.  It also involves teaching each person compound exercises and correct techniques so each person learns how to lift safely and effectively. 

The programme also has the benefits of helping each person to drop bodyfat, build muscle, get fitter and become much more confident in the gym.  


Each participant gets access to my app to record their weekly progress with each session, to keep track of how much weight and how many reps are doing on each exercise.  

Sessions last 1 hour, and involve the use of mainly barbells, but also some work with dumbbells, resistance machines and other unique equipment.  

Check Ins are conducted frequently to measure weight, bodyfat %, muscle kg and the use of progress photos as a visual aid.  

The programme runs frequently at different points throughout the year, with the sessions being on a Thursday evening at 5.45pm and Sunday mid afternoon.

The next course is set to begin on January 9th 2020

The cost of Strength Camp is just a small fraction of the cost of 1-2-1 PT at £360 for the full 12 week course (24 sessions!)

If you'd like to register your interest for the next Strength Camp then simply contact me below.

Thanks! Message sent.

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