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In the pursuit of achieving your goals, there lie's chances of you getting distracted every day. For your focus to be pulled away from, or you be potentially stopped from what you need to be doing daily to achieve these goals, by other things that can serve as barriers or temptations.

So what can you do to overcome this, and persist towards your daily goals?

A psychologist called Angela Lee Duckworth, came up with a technique called 'Mental Contrasting' with implementation intentions.

This involves not just visualising the achievement of your goals, but also what your intentions are that will be implemented for how you are going to obtain this. Then visualising all possible things that could distract you or be a barrier to you implementing these daily intentions.

Following from this, you then come up with 'If-then' solutions. These will be planned measures you can put in place and take action with to minimise or prevent the chance of not being able to complete one of your daily intentions.

This strategy limits the attention you give to these barriers/temptations/distractions, and so you will be much more successful.

A practical activity to implement this mental contrasting into your life, would be to take a notebook and make three columns. In the first column, list your daily intentions - things you need to do to ensure you make achievements towards your bigger goals.

In the second column, write down all the possible things that could be distractions/barriers/temptations that deter you away from completing your daily intentions.

In the third column, your 'If-then' solutions for how you will overcome them and be successful.

Give it a go, it could make a huge positive behavioural impact!

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